Newborn Session Guide



Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing job of photographing your little one in his/her first few days of life. 


When scheduling the session, the earlier the better. Newborn sessions are best between 5 and 14 days of life when the baby is likely to be most sleepy, curly and relaxed and there's lesser chance of baby acne flaring up. The session will take place in my in-home studio in Wake Forest where you'll be able to choose from my ever growing collection of wraps, outfits, hats, headbands, props, baskets and more! Once the baby arrives, please let me know right away to schedule your session. 

The key to a successful session is a sleepy baby with full tummy. Please, feed the baby shortly before leaving for the session or upon arrival. During the session, you'll be welcome to feed the baby any time he/she needs it. If bottle feeding, breastmilk or formula, please bring a bottle if you need to feed the baby during the session. Some babies need to be fed more often than typical every 2-3 hours in order to be sleepy and happy.

If you're nursing or bottle feeding breastmilk, please try to eliminate caffeine and spicy foods from your diet for 48 hours prior to your session. 

Please, try to give the baby some "awake" time for about an hour before the session. 

Please bring a pacifier. Even if you haven’t used one yet, it will help soothe the baby. However if you really prefer we don’t use one, it is fine as well.




Please, dress your baby in loose fitting clothing to avoid lines on their skin. Sleepers and outfits that don't need to be pulled off over baby's head are the best. If your baby is photographed naked, I'll make sure their baby bits are not exposed in any photo. Any blanket and wrap that the baby touches is always washed in organic detergent.

The studio will be warmed up to about 80 degrees to keep your baby warm and cozy. 

If you'd like to include parent and sibling photos (which I strongly encourage you to do! - they're that tiny in your arms only for a short period of time), they will be done at the beginning of the session. That will give older siblings a chance to go back home and not have to wait a few hours for the session to be over.



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